The transition of ideas into realities with MEAN stack Expertise and Ingenuity.

MEAN Stack Development Services Company

Verticalsols Company cater to your MEAN stack development needs. MEAN stack development services help build web and mobile apps based on MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. We delivers cloud-native, truly flexible, fast, and scalable MEAN stack apps in 2–3 week releases. Our in-house talent of MEAN stack developers with mastery in MongoDB, Angular JS, Express.js, and Node.js provide efficient scalable solutions. We do not just create web apps with MEAN stack technologies, we build trust.


Verticalsols: MEAN Stack Development Wizardry

Verticalsols made a name for itself in the digital service provider industry when others were just starting. As a MEAN stack development company, we have the edge over our competitors with qualities like innovative solution providing, client-centric approaches, and expertise in cutting-edge technologies. With a commitment towards scalability transparent client-service provider communication, and security; we are what your business truly needs. We believe in delivering results with agile development and quality assurance with steadfast post-launch support.
  • Expertise: a company comprised of talented developers well-versed in Angular, Node.js, MongoDB, and Epxress.js, giving unparalleled MEAN stack solutions.
  • Innovative Style: we offer MEAN stack development services with a creative & innovative approach to set us apart. With fresh perspectives and a focus on cutting-edge technologies, we are a client favorite.
  • Scalability: with scalability in mind, we provide MEAN stack solutions that can keep up with the ever-increasing load of a growing business to propel long-term success.
  • Performance Enhancement: The provision of responsive and fast MEAN stack-based apps and websites is crucial. Any Mena stack service provider with a priority on performance optimization creates solutions that perform adeptly across multiple platforms.
  • Security: nothing is more crucial than security in web development, and Verticalsols is known for its robust security integration. We make sure that client data is safeguarded and maintain industry standards.
  • Effective Communication: we believe in maintaining transparent Communication with clients. With Communication, every step of the way helps keep our client informed about their vision as it takes shape.
  • Customization: developing tailored MEAN stack-based solutions to meet specific client needs. Verticalsols understands the need for customization and keeps its clients involved in development to align with specific requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: we believe in commitment to quality assurance to ensure the end product is error-free and robust while propelling the client’s business growth. Testing is carried out every step of the way to ensure that the MEAN stack solution is robust.

Our Partners

Verticalsols MEAN Stack Development Services

Start your journey with Verticalsols for MEAN stack development services. We elevate your digital aspirations with MEAN stack development services with the latest technologies and skills. Get a reverb of your whole digital experience with professionals in Angular, Express.js, Node.js, and MongoDB frameworks and database handling. Let us intensify your Digital experience with innovative solutions.

MEAN Stack Web and Mobile App Development

Verticalsols, with its MEAN stack development services, creates interactive web and mobile apps. Incorporating MongoDB for data security & storage, Express.js for server operations, Angular to create user-centric interfaces, and Node.js for backend scalability. Combine all of that to create ultimate MEAN-based solutions with responsive experiences.

MEAN Stack Application Development

Crafting powerful applications with MEAN stack tech stacks to ensure efficient data flow, server handling, and dynamic experiences to give scalability to operations. MEAN stack-based solutions created by Verticalsols ensure the delivery of user-centric interfaces and high performance for diverse needs.

MEAN Stack CMS development

We excel in developing CMS (Content Management Systems) with a full MEAN Stack. We harness MongoDB expertise for data storage, Angular.js for making content presentation transitional, and Node.js and Express.js for server-side processing and backend management.

MEAN Stack ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Development

With Verticalsols MEAN Stack ERP Solutions, you get data management via MongoDB, smooth server operation with Express.js, an engaging user interface with Angular.js, and scalability for the backend powered by Node.js. Accumulation of these MEAN stack development services results in an ERP solution that is both adaptable and efficient, bringing productivity to your business operations.

Express.js Design

For server-side operations, we have Express.js professional developers who simplify the entire web development process. Following a flexible approach, they ensure faster routing and easy integration into already existing systems to facilitate the data flow of applications.

Angular.js Design

With Angular.js to power frontend design for web & apps, we create solutions that are user-responsive and dynamic. Harnessing modular designing and two-way data binding techniques, we ensure an interactive experience. Angular designing is known to bring simplicity to UI development, giving visual aesthetic appeal.

Node.js Development

This is the backbone for our applications that provides for efficient and scalable server-side development. Solutions with Node.js design are non-blocking with an event-driven architecture, making it an optimal choice for handling multiple connections simultaneously.

Migration & Porting to MEAN Stack

Migration and Porting of the web and apps to a MEAN stack platform involves the transition of the data in a seamless manner and maintaining its functionality. Our engineers are adept in migration and porting. We harness all the frameworks and databases of the MEAN stack; we bring a transformative change to your migration needs.

Verticalsols Advanced MEAN Stack Development Offer

The digital world is ever dynamic with websites, apps, and software solutions getting changes each and every day. Creating your online presence is nowadays a necessity; it doesn’t matter if you are a large-scale enterprise or a small-sized start-up. Now, not everyone has the expertise to create this online presence. Fret not, as Verticalsols is here for your IT Staff Augmentation needs in the web and app-building venture. We recognize the true value of the client’s resources and their time. We offer a variety of web and app solutions and have put ourselves at the forefront of the digital playground with our MEAN stack development services. We are dedicated to delivering tailored solutions with a streamlined creation process while maintaining your budget. With the top 1% industry-hardened team of developers; we provide solutions with MongoDB for NoSQL database integrations, Server-side development via Express.js, Node.js to make server-side scripting, and client-side scripting with Angular.js. The end product of all these multiple frameworks and database understandings results in MEAN Stack solutions that provide a solid foundation for your business solid foundation. Partner up with Verticalsols for our top-notch MEAN stack development services. Benefit from a complete suite of MEAN stack services to elevate your online presence. Our team brings to the table excellence with digital solutions that promote efficiency and growth. Contact Verticalsols for deeper insight with a dedicated consultation about your business goals and our expertise in MEAN stack development services.

About Verticalsols

Multiple years of digital excellence in MEAN Stack Development services 50+ seasoned developers, coders, engineers, and designers 200+ completed projects proving our MEAN Stack mastery in the field Targeting industry solutions for healthcare, e-commerce, finance, and others Verticalsols Moto: Client Satisfaction; guaranteed ongoing support

Skills & Technologies:


  • MongoDB ( for managing NoSQL database)


  • Node.js (Backend)
  • Angular.js (Frontend)
  • Express .js (server handling)


  • Git (Version Control)
  •  NPM (installing Node.js packages)

Testing Tools:

  • Mocha
  • Jest
  • Jasmine

Cloud Services:

  • DigitalOcean
  • Heroku
  • AWS



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Bring transition to your vertical with Verticalsols MEAN development services. From efficient applications to engaging user experiences, we develop custom solutions. Need to upgrade your digital presence? Get in touch with US TODAY!

Our Portfolio

Why Choose Verticalsols MEAN Stack Developers?

There are multitudes of digital development services these days. The question is the WHY US? WHY VERTICALSOLS? This is because we are more than just a development service. We are an IT staff augmentation company. We do not just provide you with the end product after a simple consultation. We bring you an entire team at your disposal. We do not care whether you are a small business or an established enterprise; our professional courtesy remains the same.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT staff augmentation service is often said to cater to large enterprises, but what about small-scale ones? Verticalsols believes that every big timer was a small timer at one point. Thus, our service provision follows IT staff augment for each business size. We bring to your disposal an entire team to carry your project forward as if it were a billion-dollar enterprise.

Verticalsols: Vertical Solutions

We understand each industry’s nuances and craft bespoke systems that meet your business requirements. We ensure to craft solutions that ensure user engagement and optimal efficiency.

Innovation Is What We Do

Stay ahead in the digital playground with Verticalsols, a place where innovation meets expertise. With our IT staff augmentations, you remain informed and in total control of your project.

Low Cost: High Return

We do offer cost-effective solutions, but we do not compromise on quality. Our bespoke solutions increase your ROI while delivering products within budget constraints.

Customer Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is our foremost concern. We understand every business’s needs and ensure that we provide system solutions that meet technical requirements to propel growth.

Process 2

Crafting Process for MEAN Stack Brilliance







Process 1

Project Planning


Starting with a detailed discussion; gets us aligned with your ideas and visions about your business needs. We plan out the wireframes to make the prototype. The client is kept in the loop at this stage as the feedback helps us move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

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