Experience the wonder of WordPress with Verticalsols, Crafting Innovations into realities.

Hire WordPress Developers | 50% Cost Advantage

Hire WordPress Expert from a Curated Pool of WordPress Talents. At Verticalsols, we have an intense vetting process to source, screen, and charter ingenious WordPress web development. Partner with Verticalsols, where we transform digital dreams and ideas into realities. Supercharging your online persona with the top-rated WordPress developers. Hiring a WordPress developer make your team get those pixel-perfect websites. Ready to see your vision become a reality? Let's hold hands to dive into the coding adventure.

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Verticalsols: Get Your WordPress Dream Team, Experience Upscaling

Verticalsols has built its brand recognition based on its IT staff augmentation model. We offer our clients many services and benefits, all catered in-house. You don't just get the benefit of hiring a single developer; instead, we ensure that an entire IT team works seamlessly to complete your project.

Unmatched Expertise

Dive with us into the magical digital realm of WordPress. Hire a WordPress developer to experience the specialty and expertise like none before.

Scalability is Flexibility 

Need to upscale your team? No worries. Whether you require long-term or short-term partnerships, Verticalsols can weather all project demands. Flexibility is what we do.


We maintain quality and all of that with cost-effective solutions. We are giving our clients maximum value at a minimum price.

Timing is Critical

We make onboard a swift process with minimum downtime. We know that time is money, so why wait? Let's get this show started.

No More Hiring Headaches

Need help with hiring headaches? Well, Verticalsols IT staff augmentation model takes care of this. Our in-house vetted developers' team ensures mitigated risks to start the process risk-free to completion.

Beyond Development

We do not leave you hanging with just development and ensuring maintenance and ongoing support so that your WordPress World remains updated and ready to brave the future.

Our Partners

Verticalsols WordPress Services: Propelling Your Digital Presence

At Verticalsols, we are not just a revenue stream; you are our partner. Your success means our success story. We proudly offer a full suite of WordPress services when you hire a WordPress developer from Verticalsols. We aim to bring transition to your digital landscape. Hiring a WordPress developer with Verticalsols brings to your table a whole list of WordPress services you can get.

Custom WordPress Development

Hire a WordPress developer with Verticalsols to get the custom WordPress development at your table. We bring precision to tailored-made WordPress solutions. Whether making personalized themes or pitting in diverse functionalities, our developers have the expertise to handle every situation.

Plug-in Creation & Integration

In need of custom plug-ins! Well, we have the mastery in developing them and take it up a notch. We perform seamless integrations of these newly developed plug-ins into already existing ones. We are optimizing your website's functionality and performance for enhanced user experience.

User-Centric Web Designs

Our developers are known for crafting user-centric web designs with cross-platform seamless functioning capabilities. These website-building maestros ensure that each screen shows your content looks aesthetically pleasing and optimized.

Building a Web Security Fortress

In need of a security check for your website? We offer state-of-the-art security audits. In addition to these security checks, our developers can implement robust security measures that shield your website from any potential cyber threat. We ensure that your web solution is a digital security fortress.

E-commerce Solutions

For those looking for customized e-commerce solutions, look no further. Hire a WordPress Developer from Verticalsols to have that enhanced online store presence. Ensuring a service with powerful features, a user-friendly interface, and an unforgettable shopping experience for your audience.

Migration & Upgradation

Providing the seamless transition of your older website platforms onto the latest versions of WordPress. Providing seamless migration onto WordPress to present a smooth evolution of your websites.

WordPress Consultation:

With Verticalsols IT Staff augmentation services, you get a hold of professional-grade WordPress consultation. Beyond development, we provide consultancy with the help of expert developers. Giving you the right guineas and help on resolving issues to keep your web child running smoothly.

Skills & Technologies





· JavaScript

· Responsive Design

· Debugging


· JavaScript



Frameworks & Libraries

· React.js

· Node.js

Testing Libraries

· Jest

· Enzyme





· WordPress Codex

· Version Control (Git)

· Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

· Basic Graphic Design tools

· SEO Best Practices

· WordPress Multisite


· Docker

· Command Line/Shell

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We are bringing a revolution to your digital presence. Contact Verticalsols today for a custom quote for hiring WordPress developers on our service. Unlock the power of web services with our professional team to bring change to your website and boost success. Hire a WordPress Developer from Verticalsols TODAY!

Hire a WordPress Developer from Verticalsols

Discover the true essence of excellence as you hire a WordPress developer from Verticalsols. An in-house talent of over 500+ WordPress developers crafting custom digital masterpieces and immersing you in the digital landscape with innovation, a user-centric and user-responsive approach, and optimizing performances to offer a visible soar to your online presence. Verticalsols, with a thriving legacy of 15+ years, is your gateway to the dynamic digital realm. Empower your brand with Verticalsols' expertise. Now is the time to exceed your limitations and embrace true Brilliance.

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A Refined Approach to WordPress Development

Discuss Your Project with Us

Start transforming your vision with a consultation. Reach out to Verticalsols via email or a free call. Contact our dedicated consultancy team to share the intricacies and your vision for web solutions. Be detailed about your vision, as it helps us understand your unique goals and business needs.

Transparent Proposal: Custom Solutions

Following the consultation, our developers give insights into how long the project will take and what resources will be needed. Following that, a tailor-made proposal is sent to you. We offer custom WordPress solutions that align with your business needs and requirements—a detailed cost breakdown and timeline.

Meet Your WordPress Hero

With proposal submission and acceptance, we set up a one-on-one meeting with your WordPress hero. You do not hire a WordPress developer but a hero coder who will make your website stand out. We ensure a successful match to your vision with our IT staff augmentation model.

Onboarding to Kick off Project

Finalizing the contracts, interviews, and assessments comes with the onboarding part. We ensure this process is seamless as our professional WordPress developers come on board your project team. We are giving you a structured kick-off of your project to start the journey collaboratively.

A New Success Story At Verticalsols

Witness as your project unfolds, and we unravel the intricacies of WordPress development. From inception to completion, witness a journey with WordPress heroes. Hire a WordPress developer with Verticalsols and become a new success story in our storybook.

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About Verticalsols

  • Verticalsols: a seasoned player in the Digital service provider industry with 15+ years of prowess
  • Embarking clients on the road to excellence with IT staff augmentation models to fuel precision to WordPress solutions
  • Be another success story at Verticalsols, a trusted name in the web service industry
  • Ignition to e-commerce solutions offering an ROI boost of nearly 30% from the get-go
  • Clocks are ticking, and speed is what we thrive upon. Delivering swift service without letting go of quality

Why Choose Verticalsols? A Player for Digital Victory

To answer the blazing question, why choose Verticalsols to hire a WordPress developer; we are in for the long haul. We are not just a service provider; we are here to help you seize the conquest in your digital world. With a 15+ years legacy, we have ensured client satisfaction by establishing benchmarks for excellence and innovation. Your victory is not just our end goal but our pursuit of excellence.





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