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Verticalsols offers top DevOps developers, programmers, and software engineers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis. We outsource DevOps engineer services worldwide to help upscale your SMBs and EPAM Software. Hire the very best DevOps engineers to help manage everything from IT infrastructure to help keep the app operations running smoothly. We stand steadfast in our guarantee of reliability and efficiency. Hire 3% vetted talent in 24Hrs

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Simplify Your Operations Verticalsols DevOps - 3x Faster, 98% Less Bugs

At Verticalsols, Our DevOps development solutions integrate cultural philosophies, practices, and tools to accelerate application and service delivery, surpassing traditional methods. A unified approach is fostered across the entire application lifecycle by merging development and operations teams. Automation of manual processes, supported by a technology stack.
  • We use automation to handle 90% of code integration, testing, and deployment, ensuring our teams collaborate efficiently and deliver software releases 3 times faster and more reliably.
  • We use code to manage our infrastructure, allowing for 95% version control and automated deployment. This approach fosters 80% scalability and maintains 100% consistency in our infrastructure components.
  • We use automated testing to catch 98% of bugs early, enhancing our software quality. Our Quality Assurance practices maintain 99% standards throughout our development lifecycle, resulting in 20% shorter release cycles and increased confidence in our software's performance.

Our DevOps Development Process


  • Goals: Understand how things currently work, find problems, check how well the system runs, and ensure it's safe.
  • Process: Look at everything closely, talk to everyone involved, figure out what could go wrong, and share a detailed report with suggestions on how to make things better.
  • Deliverables:聽A detailed report showing what's not working well, ideas for improvement, and a plan for improving things


  • Goals: Plan a way to do things better, ensure the setup is strong and safe, decide how to implement changes, and set rules for handling code.
  • Process: Work with different teams, decide on how to set up things, create a safe and robust plan, and set rules for how to update and improve the code.
  • Deliverables: Clear plans for a better setup, rules for handling code, and a plan for improving things.


  • Goals: Build a system that sets up automatically, make scripts to test and update things automatically, monitor how well everything is running, and work closely with those writing the code.
  • Process: Write instructions for the computer to set things up, create scripts to test and update automatically, keep an eye on how things are working, and work together with the code writers.
  • Deliverables: Self-setup scripts, scripts for testing and updating, and a good way of working with the code writers.


  • Goals: Make sure the system works well, test everything automatically to catch issues early, see how much the system can handle, and check for any security problems.
  • Process: Create automatic tests for everything, check how much the system can handle, and look for any safety problems during different testing phases.
  • Deliverables: Tests for everything, results of how much the system can handle, and reports on any problems found.


  • Goals: Put changes into action without causing problems, make sure things don't stop working, know how to go back to the old way if there's trouble, and keep track of what's being updated.
  • Process: Decide on how to make changes safely, set things up to update without issues, be ready to go back to the old way if needed, and keep track of all the changes made.
  • Deliverables: A safe way to make changes, a way to go back if needed, and a record of all changes made.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Our Team of Experts in Custom DevOps Solutions

Verticalsols specializes in providing cutting-edge DevOps solutions. We make teamwork easy, speed up software delivery, and improve code quality. Our team manages code effortlessly and deploys updates smoothly with features like version control and automated testing. Our platform also helps spot performance issues early with centralized monitoring. Automate tasks, work better together and complete your projects faster and more efficiently. We especially use updated platforms, like:
  • Jenkins
  • GitLab CI/CD
  • Azure DevOps
  • GitHub Actions
  • Docker (with Kubernetes for orchestration)

At Verticalsols, Our commitment lies in achieving 95% efficiency through smooth integration, ensuring your projects benefit from both speed and reliability.


Skills & Technologies


  • Bash/Shell Scripting
  • Python
  • YAML
  • Ruby


  • Jenkins
  • Ansible
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform
  • Chef


  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Jira
  • Grafana
  • ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana)



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DevOps solutions are all about teamwork, making it easy for developers and operations teams to work together smoothly. We make software delivery simple and automatic. Using Infrastructure as Code (IaC), we flexibly manage infrastructure in a short period. Our DevOps solutions quickly solve problems, keeping your systems running smoothly all the time

Speed Up Your Software and Secure Every Step

Speed up your projects with our DevOps Development services. We help teams work together better by blending development and operations smoothly. Our services include making things easier with automated delivery and testing and keeping your projects safe and secure. Our team uses simple code to manage infrastructure, run tests automatically, and monitor things to catch problems early. We optimize high-standard projects for over 300+ International companies. Trust us to make your development process faster and safer.

Why Choose Verticalsols for DevOps Development?

Using the Latest Tools

We keep up with the newest DevOps tools and technology. From automated systems to containers, we use the best tools to make your work easier and your systems more efficient.

Flexible Working

We're adaptable with Agile methods. We work in quick cycles, always improving to get things done faster and better.

Keeping Things Secure

Your systems are safe with us. We take security seriously, using top practices and tools to protect your data and applications.

Improving Performance

We optimize your systems for better performance. Everything runs smoothly and efficiently, even during busy times.

Teamwork and Idea Sharing

We believe in teamwork and sharing ideas. Together, we can do great work and learn from each other.

Prepared for Anything

We have backup plans in place. Our systems can bounce back from anything, keeping your business running smoothly.

Always Learning

We stay updated with the latest trends. We're always learning and trying new things to improve our solutions for your business.

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About Verticalsols

  • We specialize in DevOps development since 2007
  • Our team comprises 35+ top-notch developers, each with at least five years of expertise in custom DevOps solutions
  • Our dedication has been to creating cutting-edge applications for multiple industries
  • We have successfully delivered over 170+ projects, establishing ourselves as experts in ensuring the accessibility of cross-platform
  • Count on us for continuous support and maintenance of your customized DevOps services
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Code Your Way to Success with Our DevOps Development Services

Utilize our DevOps services, as we are only one phone call away. Save your time by organizing the right DevOps engineer to ensure a speedy start.








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Containerization and Orchestration


Maximize efficiency with Containerization/K8s, increasing deployment speed by 20%. Our orchestration solutions ensure seamless management, boosting resource utilization by 15%, tailored for USA businesses.

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