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Hire Test Automation Engineers with 7 Days Risk Free Trial

Software testing is among the top problems for any enterprise or start-up before the delivery of their services. Hire a pre-vetted test automation engineers from Verticalsols within 24 hours. We provide the top 3% of tech talent with 7-day risk-free trials. Our experts, with their expertise in international engagement and agile methodologies, provide various test engineering services. Be it automated or manual testing, rest assured that we deliver reliable and agile testing services.

Hire Test Automation Engineers with 7 Days Risk Free Trial

The Brilliance of Your Solutions: Hiring from Verticalsols

Choose Verticalsols to hire a test engineer today. With our engineers, you get an expert skilled in testing methodologies and able to harness the true potential of automation to ensure coverage. Agile technical expertise in identifying and fixing complex software anomalies in the early stages sets our Test Engineers apart. With our Test Engineers, you get:

Product: Tested and Ready for Market: Hire a Test Engineer with the proper skill set to help identify and fix any vulnerabilities, issues, and bugs in your software. A rigorous testing methodology contributes to a higher product quality, ensuring the software is ready for market launch.

Bug Detection & Fixes: We are employing the bug detection best practices with top-tier test engineers in the early developmental life cycle. A thorough testing process with industry-experienced test engineers ensures each bug is detected early – reducing later fixing costs and efforts.

Improved User Experience: With our test engineer, you get an individual who performs usability testing to ensure your software has that necessary user-friendly touch.

Low Maintenance Costs: Identification and early fixes in the early stages of the development lead to minimum maintenance costs later on. The plus factor is that early fixes lead to reliable and stable software in the long run.

Mitigating Disasters: Test Engineers are your dedicated software risk mitigators, identifying and managing the risks in the development phases. A thorough testing methodology leads to a proactive approach to uncovering any hidden potential issues.

Compliance: One thing that each company needs for their software is if it complies with the industry protocols, standards, and regulations. Our test engineers, having worked in industries like Fintech and healthcare, among various others, are adept at handling compliance issues.

Automation for Streamlined Testing: Verticalsols Test Engineers possess the skill of creating automated testing scripts to help make testing automated. With such unique testing scripts, testing processes speed up, bypassing the time-consuming, repetitive testing phases.

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Hire test engineers for a meticulous 3-step testing cycle: plan, design and execute. Utilize automated tools with regressing and usability testing expertise to make your software market-ready.

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Test Planning: Get the service of an advanced level Test Engineer to devise your meticulous testing strategy. A custom testing strategy for your software with outlines for objectives, resources, and deadlines. A service provided with an adherence to strict quality standards for the development lifecycle.

Manual Testing: Hire a test engineer with Verticalsols for manual testing without an automated tool. These vetted test engineers working on this hands-on approach provide optimum software functionality to ensure bug detection and its fixes at early stages.

Automated Testing: We are harnessing the best practices of automated testing with automated testing scripts using specialized tools. Our engineers employ automatic testing best practices to minimize repetitive tasks – and enhance the CI/CD pipelines.

Regression Testing: Hire a top-tier test engineer with expertise in Regression testing – verifying the code changes to eliminate any negative impact on the existing functionalities. Regression testing effectively addresses your software's side effects during its development iterations.

Performance Testing: Performance testing is done at the pro level to assess your software's three crucial loading conditions: Scalability, Stability, and Responsiveness. These three loading conditions are tested via load & stress testing methodologies to identify the bottlenecks to enhance the functioning of Peak Usage Scenarios.

Security Testing: With strict security testing, we systematically assess your system's defences to identify vulnerabilities against any unforeseen yet potential threats. Penetration testing techniques alongside code reviews are our test engineering specialities to protect the integrity of your systems and their sensitive data.

Usability Testing: Usability testing is done at its best for the user interface and user experience testing. Before you deliver the software to the market, our engineers gather the feedback and analyze the navigation patterns to validate if your software meets the consumers' usability expectations.

Load Testing: Load Testing is where Test Engineers truly shine – gauging the system's ability to handle the user loads for concurrent transactions. Employing simulative usage scenarios for load testing to uncover performance thresholds, ensuring the software works optimally under heavy traffic.

About Verticalsols

  • 15+ Years in IT services – Testing Services with Skilled Test Engineers
  • 25% ROI Boost with agile testing methodologies to generate maximum project efficiency
  • Minimizing time-to-market by up to 35% with swift software delivery
  • On-time project deadlines – a hallmark of our clockwork-like execution capabilities
  • 1150+ testing project successes; a legacy of client satisfaction and perfection
  • Precision testing and cultural fit Evaluation with IT Staff Augmentation
  • Decades-long expertise; each project is another success story to be told
About Verticalsols

To help augment the quality of your software, contact Verticalsols. We accelerate the development process – employing best testing practices for a smooth user experience with early bug detection and fixes. Hire a Test Engineer for precision testing for efficient automation and software reliability. Verticalsols: Mastering Code – Testing Confidence.

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Why Verticalsols?

An Expert in Diverse Testing Strategies: A pool of pro-test engineers with skills catering to automated and manual testing needs. Be it regression testing or security testing, our test engineers bring out the very best on the table.

Industry Standard Compliance: Each industry has its own standards and compliance rules. Our engineers are adept at understanding these strategies and rules – delivering you a testing service that makes your software industry-ready.

Tech Integration: Your software solutions need a test engineer who keeps up with the latest tech stack to ensure their functionality. These professional test engineers harness the power of their tech stack prowess to augment the efficiency of the entire testing process.

20% Cost Effective Service Delivery: Verticalsols understands that cost-effectiveness is a crucial want of any business. We have flexible hiring models to help scale you a testing team – optimizing costs early on.

Flexibility: Time is Money, and Money is what we help you earn by offering a responsive service. You get a test engineer who communicates with agility and is adaptable to change any dynamics in the testing phases.

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Let's Chat and Identify Your Testing Partner

Let's Chat and Identify Your Testing Partner


Contact our IT staff augmentation team at Verticalsols. It only gets started if we talk. Professionals engage in an in-depth discussion of your software solutions to understand their testing needs. We offer a list of our testing engineer talent pool; you and we both assess each talent based on their technical prowess and your project needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of a Test Engineer in Software Development? How does hiring a Test Engineer benefit my company?

Does Verticalsols assist with the on-site or remote hiring of its Test Engineers?

What skills and expertise are necessary to look at when I Hire a Test Engineer?

When hiring a test engineer for your software quality check, you must look for skills like efficient testing methodologies, a hawk eye for detail, real-time problem-solving skills, and familiarity with automation tools. Verticalsols has a talent pool of Test Engineers with all these necessary technical skill sets and diverse industry experience.