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Every day, Google runs around 8.5 billion searches. Google is the world's largest search engine by traffic. Over 485% of paid search conversions are boosted by our services. Get started with Verticalsols google ads management services for search engine makreting campaigns. With our expert team managing your campaigns, you can minimise ad costs and maximise results. Social Media Campaign Display & Video Ads Local SEO & Maps E-commerce & Shopping Ads Competitor Analysis

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We Offer Top-Notch Google Ads Services

Each company has its own marketing model. Google provides companies like yours with access to many advertising options. Choosing the right ad type for your brand is never a problem. However, maximising your ad performance is possible with many options. Here are Google's seven types of ads:

Text Ads: Text ads are words-based ways to share info with potential clients swiftly. They're easy to set up, boost clicks, and can include user-friendly extensions like phone numbers.

Responsive Ads: Ads that respond to different ad spaces in real-time Google's responsive ads ensure a smooth user experience. If you create multiple headlines and descriptions, Google's system will determine the most effective.

Image Ads: Image Ads captivate your audience with visually striking content that showcases your business and products or services

App Promotion Ads: App promotion ads also appear exclusively for Android users on Google Play. Google ensures that your ad reaches the right audience based on the mobile operating system.

Video Ads: Video Ads Videos offer a visually engaging way to inform potential clients about your brand. Invest in video ads on YouTube to deliver a rich advertising experience that effectively markets your business.

E-commerce Ads: E-commerce ads focus on showcasing your products. They include an image of your product, essential details like prices  and more. When displayed on Google, these ad types are valuable for boosting sales in your e-commerce store.

Call Ads: This type of ad is particularly effective for keywords associated with local emergency services, such as plumbing repairs, heating cooling services, and more.

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Building Trust and Success with Our Google Ads Services

Our team manages Google Ads accounts, targeting keywords to generate buyers for your site using powerful research tools and industry experience. We help you reach highly interested buyers who need help finding you through organic search.

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Keyword Research & Competitor Ads Analysis:

Picking the right keywords to advertise on is the key to success. Our team will research keywords and competitors to create a Google Ads campaign that drives sales and ROI.

Campaign Creation & Ad Copy Creation:

Let us set up your Ad campaign, create the ad copy  and configure all settings. Several different ad variations will be made and modified to increase conversion rates.

Detailed Reporting and Team Meetings:

Every month, you will receive a detailed report on Ads Manager's progress and what's planned for the coming month. Our team will also schedule a review call with you.

We provide more than Google Ads management services

Instead of hiring multiple companies, VerticalSols offers everything you need. As your all-in-one digital marketing company, you can get everything you need to grow your marketing, including:
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Web Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • And Others

When you invest in Google Ads services, you may also need assistance in other marketing areas. Your website may need a fresh look, or you may want to rank higher in organic search results. If you hire Google Ads management that only handles PPC, you need other companies for different tasks. Making things work will require communication between all of them. Instead of hiring multiple companies, VerticalSols offers everything you need.

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