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100% Customized AngularJS Web Application Development Services

As a leading AngularJS development company, Verticalsols offers top-class Angular JS development services for web and app to clients worldwide. Hire Angular Developers that guarantee to elevate your business with increased visibility & profits. We boost your investment by a solid 20%, ensuring simplicity in every step. Improve your success with our Angular JS development services, customized for the USA audience. Hiring in 24Hrs. 7 Days Risk-Free Trial

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Create Modern Web Apps with Our Angular Js Development Services

At Verticalsols, our AngularJS development services provide a convenient and customized experience. Our skilled team ensures 20% faster web application development with robust features. Trust us to enhance your online presence through our dedicated Angular JS development services, providing a user-friendly experience for optimal satisfaction

Boosting Your Website's Power

At Verticalsols, we are a top-notch development company crafting web applications for businesses using AngularJS—an essential web app tool and a core part of MEAN Stack development. Our developers master all four MEAN stack elements, making our web apps robust, smooth, and efficient.

Responsive Web App Development

Our team of AngularJS developers creates interactive web pages and responsive apps that work smoothly on all browsers, whether you are on a computer or a mobile device. We use the MVC architecture to build each part carefully, ensuring a friendly and cohesive experience.

Custom UI AngularJS Programming

We specialize in creating interactive user interfaces for web pages and app front-ends using AngularJS. Our custom UI development uses industry-standard frameworks for UI extensions that are easy to maintain and perfect for your needs.

Enhanced AngularJS UX Solution

Our team optimizes complex web apps for fast and smooth user experiences. This means high performance on your device and a lean AngularJS system. We use AngularJS directives to show avatars, edit text on any page, and enable direct focus, enhancing your user interface.

AngularJS Mobile App Development

We are committed to delivering successful results through our custom interactive mobile applications.

MVC Framework

Our developers are pros at creating web apps using AngularJS's MVC architecture, combining MVC elements for a smooth experience.

Smart Front-End Design

We design dynamic and user-friendly websites using HTML scripts. Our AngularJS development services revamp your website, increasing your online presence.

AngularJS Web Development

Our web developers ensure your website matches your vision, using AngularJS frameworks, modern technologies, and tools.

Making Tech Simple with POJO

We use Plain Old JavaScript Objects (POJO) that are functional and easy to understand. Our developers adjust and reframe the POJO model to create simple and well-planned objects.

Quality Checked with Unit Testing

Our developers use unit testing in AngularJS to create top-notch applications. We break down the code into smaller, testable parts, quickly identifying errors and making quick fixes for reliable and high-performance AngularJS applications.

Upgrades with Angular Expertise

Whether you're an independent consultant, CEO, CTO, startup, or product owner, Verticalsols simplifies extending your team smoothly. Our Angular Upgrade Service guarantees a smooth transition to the latest Angular version without interruptions or downtime.

E-commerce Portals with Angular

Let Verticalsols assist you in building visually stunning and functional portal systems that incorporate interactive shopping carts and floating panels, enhancing the overall user experience for your customers.

Angular Plugins for Your Business

Our commitment to customization shines through in creating interactive and data-driven custom Angular plugins. At Verticalsols, we take pride in delivering services that align with your business needs, ensuring that your digital tools are functional and uniquely suited to your requirements.

Mastery in AJAX Development

Our experienced AngularJS developers excel in mastering AJAX development techniques. Utilizing asynchronous communication, including XML HTTP Request (XHR), JavaScript, and CSS, we build responsive and interactive web applications that facilitate smooth data exchange between web applications and servers without page reloads.

Efficient Angular to Angular Migrations

Verticalsols understands the importance of staying current as a globally recognized Angular Development Company. Our team efficiently migrates older Angular applications to the latest version, ensuring a swift and smooth transition. Count on us to keep your digital assets up-to-date and future-ready.

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We Know How To Build Top-Notch Solutions with AngularJS Development

Verticalsols specializes in AngularJS development services, enhancing your digital capabilities. Our skilled developers are dedicated to improving your online presence by crafting customized solutions. From pioneering startups to established corporations, we transform your concepts into exceptional cross-platform solutions. Our expertise spans various AngularJS development technologies, including:

Describe Your Angular Project

  • Responsive web development
  • Single-page applications (SPAs)
  • Real-time applications
  • Progressive web applications (PWAs)
  • Custom AngularJS plugins
  • Integration with APIs and third-party services

At Verticalsols, we bring a wealth of AngularJS expertise to ensure your digital journey is marked by smooth performance and unparalleled user experiences.

Stop Scrolling, You have Found Your Dream Angular Developers

Stop the endless search – your ideal Angular developer is here! Bid farewell to the hunt and meet the dream team ready to supercharge your project. Whether you are a startup, midsize company, or enterprise, Verticalsols have best the Angular expertise you need. Our top-tier AngularJS developers create user-friendly, scalable, and organized web apps using the latest Angular framework. But it's not just about tech skills. We believe in strong partnerships. We choose agile experts who fit into your company's vibe, creating a lively and productive environment. Choosing us means you focus on your vision. We handle everything – from onboarding to paperwork, making it effortless to bring in dedicated Angular developers and start your project. Why wait? Let's talk! We are excited to hear about your project and show you how our dedicated Angular developers can turn your vision into reality.
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Skills & Technologies


  • Fuse
  • WordPress
  • Angular


  • Angular7/8 Custom Create Libraries
  • RXJS
  • FullCalendar
  • @Types/Googlemaps


  • Apple Music API
  • Google API
  • Jira REST API
  • Platforms:
  • Firebase
  • Docker
  • Azure
  • AWS Lambda


  • AngularJS
  • Angular2+
  • NGRX (Angular + Redux)

Upgraded Services

  • 15.0
  • 14.0
  • 13.0
  • 12.0



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Customize your business solutions with our Angular JS development services. Our team of experts excels in creating solutions for different sectors like healthcare and education, achieving success rates of over 90%. Whether you need a customer support tool, CRM, or a personalized solution, we can help. Our numeric-driven approach ensures solutions that work for you, fitting your needs precisely. Serving the USA, we are here to optimize your business processes and boost efficiency by up to 20%

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Are you a big company moving to the cloud? Or a brand new startup? We don't care! Our killer AngularJS developers will make you grow way faster than ever before - like, 25% faster! We build stuff that's super smooth and efficient - think magic! It will make you work 30% faster and bring in 20% more cash! Plus, we will even help you save 15% on your bills! Stop dreaming about startup success and make it happen with Verticalsols!

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Choose our AngularJS developers for a smooth web app experience that looks good and adapts to your evolving needs. Our skilled team brings over a decade of expertise in building successful web applications, boasting a remarkable 98% client satisfaction rate. 

Enjoy up to 20% savings without compromising quality, as our competitive pricing structures ensure service excellence. With a 99% on-time project completion rate, you can trust us to deliver your solutions promptly and efficiently. Stay in the loop with transparent communication as we provide regular updates throughout the development process, keeping you informed and confident in the progress of your projects.

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Our goal is to get the lowdown on your business needs and aspirations. We dig deep to understand your goals and plans, especially if you are considering bringing aboard our talented AngularJS developers from the US.

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