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Need to hire a Shopify developer? Verticalsols have official Shopify partners & experts offering Shopify development & design. With talent handpicked from across the world, we are committed to providing excellence to bring your business to newer, greater heights. Crafting user-friendly, aesthetically stunning, and efficient e-commerce businesses is our specialty. Experience the seamless integrations of robust features into your Shopify stores to see visible growth. Get a quote from our Shopify developers!

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Experience the Perks of Hiring a Shopify Developer

E-commerce is an ever-dynamic realm, and getting the right developer talent is of utmost importance to succeed. Verticalsols' business model is IT staff augmentation services, and we bring to our clients a new proposition on how to hire a Shopify developer. Navigating through the complexities of e-commerce businesses online, you get befuddled and muddle-headed. When choosing our staff augmentation model for your online retail store, its benefits become transparent.

On-Demand Expertise:

Getting the talent on demand without a need to go through the troubles of the recruitment process. An in-house pool of Shopify talent is here to cater to your Shopify needs, ensuring that your e-commerce vision is in expert hands.


Experience the agility in development as you can upscale the team as per your project needs. Be it a large-scale or a focused enhancement-type work model, our Shopify developers can tackle any sudden situation. This flexibility allows you to have the optimal resource allocation as the business evolves and grows.

Cost Efficiency:

Any business welcomes cost-effectiveness, and we work on providing this edge to our clients. Cutting down on training costs, infrastructure expenses, and recruitment costs is what we bring to the table. With Verticalsols, you cut down on costs, and those financial resources are redirected to where they matter the most.

On-Demand Onboarding:

Skip the time-consuming hiring process and have the right talent onboard as soon as you contact Verticalsols. With our efficient onboarding process, your project will kick off on time to meet the necessary deadlines and deploy your e-commerce initiative on time.

Core Competency Focus:

Hire a Shopify developer with a focus on the core competencies. The development team works on Shopify's problems, whereas the internal team focuses on the core functions of the business. The strategic allocation of the workforce ensures that the business is centric on achieving its goals.

Scalability Limitless:

Our Shopify developers ensure crafting solutions that can anticipate and adapt to the ever-growing needs of the business. With Verticalsols' IT staff augmentation model, we allow you to upscale the development team when needed and align with the needs of the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

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Get Verticalsols Premium Shopify Services

Going through with a company that follows an IT staff augmentation model to hire a Shopify developer, you will get a wide range of services for the e-commerce industry. We believe in catering to the diverse needs involved in the optimization and enhancement of your e-commerce platforms.

Shopify Store development

Hire a Shopify Developer from Verticalsols to get those custom-made Shopify stores that empower your brand and business. Implementing the best of the Shopify liquid code practices to create user-friendly and responsive designs to increase user experience.

Theme Customization

Offering the expert customization of already-existing Shopify themes to make them align with your brand and business identity. Performing modification to the dynamic theme elements to elevate interface functionalities.

App Integration

Our Shopify experts have a strong command of the integration of 3rd party apps to your Shopify stores. We elevate and extend the capabilities of Shopify with our code mastery and integration wizardry. If you have a vision for an app, our developers see Pronto to develop and integrate it to elevate the business-centric functionalities.

E-commerce Consultation

We are not just a development company; we are also your friendly guide in this real e-commerce. Our in-house Shopify developers are here to guide you on the best e-commerce practices and suitable strategies. We provide in-depth consultation services on the features, integrations, and marketing tools, all of which can boost your sales via increased customer engagement.

Data Migration

Our developers are adept in managing the data migration from your previous platforms and onto Shopify. Experience the seamless migration and integration of your data to 3rd party systems like CRM to have steady business operations.

About Verticalsols

· Verticalsols, navigating the digital realm for 15+ years; a name excelling in IT Staff Augmentation services · On-demand model to Hire a Shopify Developer with 2000+ completed projects · Providing a remarkable ROI boost of 30% with 100% client satisfaction · Verticalsols: your go-to choice for Shopify development services · Client-centric approach with cost effectiveness, efficient delivery, and in-house superior talent · Innovation at heart to deliver results that exceed visions
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Transform the storefront of your Shopify store with Verticalsols. Hire a Shopify developer with an innovative approach who will breathe life into your digital vision. From user-centric designs to robust features, get the professional outsourcing service to e-commerce excellence.

Elevating Brand Personas with Top-Tier Shopify Talent

Verticalsols is not just here to offer Shopify developers; we are here to deliver unparalleled expertise to create your e-commerce success story. Hire a Shopify developer with the necessary experience to craft innovative solutions. We ensure your online presence not only meets the industry standards but exceeds them. With Verticalsols, you are hiring more than just a developer – a trusted partner hell-bent on delivering greatness to you in e-commerce. Transform your online storefront with us, a place where excellence is Guaranteed.

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Hiring Process

Let's Start with a talk

Looking to hire a Shopify developer? First thing first, contact us. Get in touch with our IT staff resource augmentation team. Talk with expert consultants in detail about your Shopify project needs. Tell them your vision for the digital store, as it helps us create a custom hiring strategy with a tailored proposal.

Shortlisting the Candidates

Based on your project requirements, we shortlist the expert Shopify developers. We shortlist the candidates based on their expertise in Shopify Best practices and familiarity with programming languages like Liquid, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Proposal Submission

Our Staff augmentation team gets into action as we offer you a formal custom proposal made just for your project. This proposal contains the project breakdown step-by-step with timelines and costs associated with each step of the way. Other than the proposal, we also offer NDAs and other legal forms to satisfy the legal concerns.

Acceptance and Interview

When you accept the proposal, we will arrange for an interview with your Shopify guru. This interview lets you get into a discussion with the man behind the screen to assess their skills, delve into specific needs for app integrations, and see if they are the right cultural fit for you.

Onboarding: Creating Your Digital Store

Once you select the right Shopify developer and accept our proposal, we will start the Onboarding process. Our Shopify developer works in tandem with you or your team to deliver either the solutions to complex Shopify problems or create a store from scratch.

Process 2

Why Choose Verticalsols?

Verticalsols is a frontrunner in providing e-commerce ingenuity with a team of seasoned Shopify developers. We are here to sculpt your online success with a proven track record and unwavering commitment to excellence.




Process 1

Expertise that Matters


Hire a Shopify developer with Verticalsols to get an expert with a wealth of experience to ensure that your digital storefront is embellished

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