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Verticalsols offer honest, bespoke, multi-channel email marketing services to a range of small and large private and public companies. We are one of the best email marketing company that brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Hire full-service email marketer, helping customers generate quality leads, drive revenue with maximum ROI. Call Now!

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5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is the Best Marketing Channel for Your Business

Email marketing offers multiple benefits to your digital business. Whether you want to improve your ROI or build a solid relationship with your customers, there is no better way than email marketing. So, if you haven’t started using email marketing, we at Verticalsols help you to begin planning for a successful future.
  • You can have honest conversations with your customers, building a solid relationship.
  • It's not going to break the bank, and it gives you a significant return on your investment - a whopping 3,800%!
  • 83% of customers spend more when they get emails from you.
  • You can send the right message to the user, ensuring they're interested.
  • About 61% of subscribers look forward to your emails, showing they care about what you have to say.

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Top-Quality Email Marketing Services for Software and Internet Businesses

At Verticalsols, we are all about top-quality email marketing services. We are a full-service agency that focuses on helping our clients grow using email marketing. We work closely with your in-house team to ensure you get the best of both worlds, and we are all about innovation and growth. Count on our expertise to find new ways to boost your software and internet business. Regarding email marketing, Verticalsols is among the best in the United States. We are proud that 50+ USA Companies have recognized us as a Market Leader in Email Marketing.

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Email Marketing Success? Start with the Best and Achieve the Best ROI.

At Verticalsols, we create engaging campaigns that drive results, from traffic and sales to customer retention. We also bring innovation to your email marketing strategy and help you generate more revenue from this powerful channel.

Understanding your Business Goals and Target Audience. 

What are you trying to achieve with email marketing? Who are you trying to reach? Once we understand your needs well, we can develop a custom strategy that's right for you.

Engaging Content. 

We write compelling email copy, design beautiful email templates, and use effective segmentation and targeting to ensure your messages are delivered to the right people at the right time.

Automate your Email Marketing Campaigns. 

We set up automated workflows that send targeted emails to your subscribers based on their behavior and interests. This way, you can stay in touch with your audience without lifting a finger.

Track and Analyze your Results. 

We provide detailed reports on your email campaigns so you can optimize your strategy over time.

We are more than just an email marketing company. We are your partners in growth. We are here to help you achieve your business goals and generate more revenue from email marketing.


Elevate your email marketing with Verticalsols' comprehensive services. From crafting targeted campaigns and designing captivating templates to building segmented lists and automating workflows, Verticalsols empowers you to connect with your audience and drive results. Gain valuable insights through advanced analytics and reporting to continuously optimize your strategy and maximize the impact of your email marketing efforts.

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Our vast experience results in a remarkable 98% success rate for email campaigns that get you more opens and boost sales.

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