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Supply Chain & Logistics Software Development Services

As a leading supply chain software development company, Verticalsols crafts supply chain development services & IT solutions that optimize logistics processes. Under supply chain management software or SCMS goes software used to manage operations throughout the supply chain.

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IT Development Services for Supply Chain and Logistics

We have been in web development services for nearly 2 decades – focusing on consultation, implementation, support, and propagation of Supply Chain and Logistics services. We aim to help Logistics companies get a structured plan of operations and reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve user experience.

Our dedicated development services cover the cost of consultation for cutting-edge techs like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR (Augmented Reality), Cloud Platforms, and Blockchain. We give a detailed quote including a wide array of services such as:

  • IT Infrastructure Help & Support
  • QA (Quality Assurance)
  • Help Desk
  • Cyber Security Integrations and much more

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Our Partners

Who Do We Serve for Supply Chain and Logistics Development Services

Our services entail a wide range of clientele in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.

Engage Our Expert Developers

LSPs (Logistic Service Providers): Servicing with the best in-house developers to cater to the needs of

  • Freight Forwarders
  • 3rd party Logistics Handlers

TSPs (Transportation Service Providers): Giving easy-to-understand streamlined transportation software solutions for:

  • Multi-modal transportation means trucking, rail, water, and air

CEP (Courier Express parcel) Companies: Building custom solutions for the CEP services – streamlining their operating activities for B2C (business two customers) and B2B (business to business).

Logistics Digital Platforms: We offer digital platforms for the logistics marketplaces to initiate the direct interaction of Supply Chain and Logistics providers with the service buyers.

IT Companies: Our expertise is so out-of-the-box that other IT companies connect with us to help develop their software products for the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.

Services Verticalsols Offers for the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry

Verticalsols houses the best talent pool of software developers, each with their own hands-on experience of the industry trends and a vast portfolio. We have divided our development services into Business Management and Asset and Operations Management.

Business Management: Within Business Management of Supply Chain and Logistics, we offer the following services:

CRM Solutions (Customer Relationship Management): Get enterprise-level CRMs with improved functionalities like:

  • Customer Data Storage including General information, history with the company, and services provided)
  • Creating and Storing custom-made customer documents like Invoices, proposals, and contracts
  • Claim management
  • Ai-infused portal for self-servicing

Labour Management Systems: Streamline your labor staff activities and reduce overhead management costs with an intuitive, detailed Labour management system.

  • Labour Planning based on resources required and client order fulfillment
  • Automating task assignments for multiple division staff – getting employee availability and schedule for operations

Budget Spending and Control Systems: Get a spending control and planning system to reduce unnecessary overheads. Now experience the best with our Planning and Budgeting models infused with the best tech stacks.

  • Calculating the transportation costs based on shipment distance, mode of delivery, fuel costs, weight and size of cargo, etc
  • Allocating transportation costs for each customer automatically
  • Plan your operational expenses based on historical data on spending and customer demand.
  • Get an in-built tracking feature for real-time monitoring of the operational costs.

Customer Business-side management: Get a supply chain and logistics system for Customer management – experience increased sales with improved ordering features.

  • Automatically gather customer orders from a single portal or even 3rd party e-commerce marketplaces
  • Priority feature for customer orders based on order date, categories, and others
  • Real-time monitoring and tracking of order fulfillment
  • Automatic calculation for due amounts and collection of customer invoice receipts

Supply Chain and Logistics Asset and Operation Management: For this end of the industry business, we offer solutions

Warehouse Management Systems: Get your AI-powered Warehouse management systems with the best ML predictive and recommendation models—AR integration for picking orders and a barcode monitoring system for warehouse inventory.

Transpiration Management System: A comprehensive Transportation Software to cater for your unique business needs:

  • Plan transportation demand and supply
  • AI-recommended transportation modes, shipping routes, vehicle choosing, rates, and others
  • Real-time GPS tracking for transportation
  • Monitor goods with RFID integrated monitoring system for transported goods
  • ML sophisticated predictive models' integration to predict shipping times and time of delivery

Fleet Management System: Get software that simplifies your fleet and staff management needs with features:

  • Template creation for Fleet schedules and drivers' tasks
  • Real-time vehicle tracking, including fuel consumption and driver behavior
  • Mobile app solutions for carriers to update on the status of shipments
  • Maintenance report for the fleet in real-time and completion details

Power Your Supply Chain and Logistics Process With Reliable IT Solutions. Verticalsols is available 24/7 to consult, design, and build an effective IT solution – automating Logistics workflows, improving business management, decreasing operational costs, and improving ROIs.

Our Portfolio

Why Verticalsols to Build Your Supply Chain and Logistics Software

Based on our expertise in development for the supply chain and logistics industry, you may reap several benefits:

60% Reduced Planning Hassles: Reducing time to plan and control your transportation needs via Automation

40% Increased Delivery times: Get improved delivery times and rates with order fulfillment execution and planning

Improved Asset Life: Real-time warehouse and fleet equipment lifespan monitoring system for predictive maintenance

Decreased Costs: A solution to lower your operational costs like fuel expenses, labor costs, and fleet maintenance costs

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Supply Chain and Logistics Software Solutions for Sustainable and Scalable Benefits

Verticalsols is a leader in providing multiple industries with dynamic IT solutions and services. We have been supplying Logistics development services for 15+ years. The benefits you get from our services include:








Functionality for Users


We redefine your entire Supply Chain and Logistics business with a solution based on the Functionality of customer needs and experience.

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