For 15+ years, Verticalsols, with its IT services and software development services, has made a name for itself. We excel at creating robust IT and Software Solutions for the Insurance industry. Helping you keep uptrend on the advanced technology consultation and IT infrastructure support – transforming your insurance needs with the best digital applications.

Insurance Software Development Services

Our insurance software development services cover IT consultation, software designing, support & development, QA of your systems and much more. Our Insurance Solutions improve the overall business productivity for an improved user experience and cost-effective IT overheads. Verticalsols is here to analyze your needs for the insurance industry for robust solutions development – facilitating digital lead for efficient claim management, application processing and compliance as per legal regulations.

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Insurance Software Solutions We Offer At Verticalsols

Our developers have first-hand experience in creating insurance solutions – know-how of the industry technicals for optimized solutions creation. We help design and implement your targeted insurance systems into a well-built automation system

Underwriting Solutions: Get in touch with our expert developers, who are creating underwriting systems for efficient insurance application processing. We build risk assessment tools with varying insurance pricing models – all of these with compliance management.

Billing Solutions: Developing your personalized billing calculators with built-in automated invoicing systems. We offer an e-signature introduction for smooth workflow and streamlined payment processing.

Claim Management Systems: Get your Claim management System for optimized capture and processing of claims. Now, make damage evaluation right from your desk – improving your insurance software with fraud detection tools to make claim validations. Settle only the right Insurance claims.

Consumer-Facing Insurance Apps: A dedicated team of developers experienced in creating consumer-facing insurance apps to generate and submit insurance claims and applications. We develop Insurance Solutions with an in-built feature to keep a transparent audit trail of your account activities with KYC verification. Improved functionality was provided with authentication protocols like biometric verifications.

Insurance Portal: Get a one-of-a-kind Insurance portal offering self-servicing options for

  • Service suppliers
  • Customers
  • Agents

Get your transparent access to the required data with the help of an AI-augmented virtual assistant. Get in touch with customer support with the Instant Messaging feature.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Solution: For the Marketing side, we help create CRM solutions for:

  • Customer Management
  • Content marketing
  • Lead Generation

B2B & B2C Sales department CRM with:

  • In-person and online sales
  • Seamless cross-system data exchange

Customer Service:

  • Cross-channel Communication
  • Round-the-clock Support with AI Chatbots

Insurance Data Analysis Tools: Integrating your pre-existing Insurance systems with Data Analytic tools to cater to diverse needs:

  • Finance Analytics
  • Risk Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Workplace Analytics
  • Insurance Reports
  • Operability Analytics
  • Proper Insurance Plans via Predictive Analytics

P2P Insurance Systems: Get your P2P insurance systems for making criteria-based searches for insurance offerings. Built-in price calculator to assist with policy insurance and automated underwritings. Get clean and transparent payment processing gateways.

Blockchain Insurance: Blockchain technology infusion for automated smart Insurance contracts – robust recordkeeping of the insurance data. Make your claim payments and receive premium payments via Crypto channels.

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Our Partners

Verticalsols Cutting Edge Insurance Software Services To Stay Ahead of the Curve

Verticalsols' in-house talent comprises industry veterans in both software and app development solutions. Experience the cost-effective approach to Insurance solutions – minimizing overhead costs with increased work efficiency and secure transactions.

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Industry-Centric Expertise: We specialize in the creation of custom insurance solutions with an in-depth understanding of the industry. Fulfilling rules & regulations of the industry within your insurance solutions to align with business needs – transparent insurance payment processing.

Agile Development Cycles: Following up on insurance best practices – harnessing cutting-edge tech stacks; providing agile development lifecycles. This rapid development reduces time-to-market and lets you remain ahead of other insurance vendors.

Fortified Security Measures: Nothing is more paramount in the Insurance industry than data security, and Verticalsols understands this need. Integrating your custom-made or pre-existing solutions with best practices of cyber security – ensuring data disruption prevention for minimized downtime.

Pre-Existing System Integration: Any experienced insurance software development company understands the need to integrate pre-existing solutions with new solutions and software.

Scalability On Demand: We build your Insurance Software and Systems with scalability in mind. So, as your business expands, so does your Insurance solution – handling increased data inflows and increased user loads. 

Features That We Integrate for Exceptional Insurance Software Solutions

For the deliverance of cutting-edge insurance software solutions and systems, we incorporate robust features – helping you get that extra edge over your competitors. Some of the features in our software include:
  • Policy management
  • Claim processing
  • Automation for Underwriting
  • Risk Assessment with Generative AI models
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Compliance & regulation tools
  • 3rd party app integrations

All of these and many more features are introduced for comprehensive industry-centric coverage.


Why Trust Verticalsols as Your Insurance Software Development Partner?

Verticalsols has been in the IT service provider industry for nearly 2 decades now – working with multiple industries. We help create solutions for the Insurance industry with skilled professionals in their fields for robust project completion.
  • 15+ years track Record: With such an illustrious legacy in Insurance Software development and IT consultation, we are top-tier in our field.
  • B2C & B2B Insurance Solutions: Delivering B2C and B2B Insurance solutions for improved functionality and maximizing ROIs with efficient risk assessments.
  • Solutions – A Cyber security Fortress: In-house cyber security experts – fortifying Insurance Software and Solutions with best practices and trending tech stacks – making your systems a true cyber security fortress.
  • Experienced in-house development team: Working on the IT Staff augmentation model, we provide a dedicated team of developers with a minimum of 5 years experience. Whether it is a smart Insurance app project or an enterprise-level solution, your project is in the hands of experts.

Verticalsols is ready to help you integrate a custom-made Insurance solution into your Insurance business –meeting all your industry needs in one place. Get In touch with us today to get a tailored Quote.

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