We are helping the Food and Beverage industry stakeholders with custom development services – a service for efficient ordering, timely deliveries, and transparent payments.

Food and Beverages Software Development Services & Managed IT Solution

Verticalsols develop food ordering service software solutions built to facilitate menu, inventory, food cost, catering, kitchen, report tracking, and more. Leverage our food & beverages system software solution and facilitate your inventory, catering services, kitchen, menu, report tracking, and cost, at ease!


Food and Beverage Industry Web & App Solutions Verticalsols Offer

Get in touch with Verticalsols and experience working with true professionals. We have in-house teams for web and app development services – helping you make dining and food delivery more accessible. Whether you are looking for innovation in the food and beverage industry or improving your pre-existing services, we will create an excellent software solution to help you feed better. Some of the Food and Beverage Web and App development services we offer:
  • Restaurant Finder Websites and Apps
  • Food Delivery Apps
  • Food Order apps and websites
  • Discount Coupon development services
  • Software solutions for Inventory Management
  • Web Portals for Hotels & Restaurants
  • Waiter Management Systems
  • Review apps and forums
  • Restaurant Chain Software Solutions
  • Kitchen Inventory Systems
  • PoS Software services for Restaurants and Food Orders

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Firing Up Innovation and Tradition – All In One

We are bringing stakeholders in the food and beverage industry on a platform with efficient food order and delivery solutions. Verticalsols houses the best software development talent with their in-depth knowledge of the food and beverage industry. We understand the needs of a consumer in the food and beverage industry and need intelligent solutions for Online Food Orders Digitized Food Menu Online Transactions and many others We have established ourselves as one of the US's key IT development services companies with our intelligent IT software solutions – helping redefine the experience of dining and food delivery for millions. Bringing simplicity to your customers' doorsteps – we are here to help you rake in the profits.

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Mixing Up the Ingredients to Make Your Application Ready

We at Verticalsols mix all the right web and app development services ingredients to power pack your IT solutions. Giving you the best features and designs to make your food and beverage services stand out in the industry.

Notifications for Location-based Deals: They are harnessing the potential of GPS power to help your restaurant send location-based deals to your customers. Your web and app solutions will be a marketing tool and a platform where customers can get their reservations—adding on the power of GPS to give correct driving instructions to the customers.

Social Media Review Options: We are Giving empowerment to the customers on your IT solutions with a Review placement feature. Not only share the review, but your customers can now share these reviews on their social media walls. A feature built solely as a marketing tool now helps you attract more customers to improve your Online Food Orders.

Customer Database Management Solutions: We add the tracking feature within your apps and web solutions- keeping track of the customers who visit them. These web and app solutions have a dashboard just for you to gather the information of these visors, like contact details, to compile a detailed database for when starting a targeted market campaign.

Aesthetic Display for Food Menu: Completing your web and app solutions with aesthetically pleasing images for an easy-to-grasp Menu. Adding an extra feature of "Marking a Food Option" as a "Favourite" following an extensive search. Search Filters designed with the best features like:

  • Prices
  • Cuisines
  • Tate Preferences

Reduce the Wait-time with Quick Reservations: Building appropriate database management pipelines to keep your records updated – helping improve the restaurant's performance and lowering the wait time during busy days like the Holiday Season. An institutive Agile Reservation function is added to your web and app solutions to give these benefits.

Profile Management: Profile management for your web and app software solutions includes:

  • Multiple Delivery Addresses
  • Multiple Payment Method

Our IT services focus on developing solutions that are aesthetic in design, easy in usability, and quality tested to be market-ready. We are developing complex IT solutions to simplify backend tasks, making the process of order and delivery for the Food and Beverage industry seamless. Contact us and choose from over 450+ software development experts, each knowledgeable of the industry trends. With their wealth of experience in creating web and app solutions for the industry, these experts help take your business to newer, greater heights. You can be the next UBER!

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Why Verticalsols as a Technical Expert?

Security Fortress: Being an IT staff augmentation company and an IT development company, we have gone through thousands of development projects. One thing we do not compromise on other than quality is Security. We are giving you an encrypted security system to prevent unauthorized data access.

Customization in Your Hand: We offer custom web and app development services for the food and beverage industry – build your food brand with colors, themes, fonts, and more.

Multi-Lingual Help & Support: Infusing AI models and Chatbots with multi-lingual support options – customers can speak in their native language now.

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We are an IT development service and an IT Staff Augmentation firm. You take the first step, and then we handle the rest. Contact us for the best web and app development service consultation. We hear the what, why, and how of your idea and give a complete roadmap to it.

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