Driving a dynamic transformation to EV systems with custom-made, innovative EV software and mobile app development services.

Automotive Industry EV (Electric Vehicle) Smart IT Solutions & Software Development

Verticalsols is a custom software development company with a heavy presence and deep expertise in the automotive industry. Our automotive software engineering experience spans BMS development, custom HMI development, Android Automotive solutions implementation, EV Charging Station Systems, V2G Software Systems, Connectivity Solutions, eScooter Software Development, EV Battery Management Solutions, & Computer Vision Systems

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Automotive (EV) Development and IT Services At Verticalsols

Drive your business up with best-in-the-industry custom-built EV solutions. From EV charging apps to fleet management software systems development to roaming software solutions, Verticalsols meets all your Automotive industry needs in a cost-effective style.

EV Charging Station Systems: Now, experience low electricity costs and receive in-depth diagnostics for station health. Keep your automobiles up & running all the time. Give growth to the charging infrastructure to provide exceptional service to customers with

  • Seamless tracking
  • Smooth management
  • EV charging optimization
  • Parking Detection Solutions

V2G Software Systems: Make your automobile V2G compatible with optimized V2G software solutions – manage your investments with stabilized grids and low fleet ownership costs. Now, be an energy-efficient company with a focus on innovation and sustainability – enhancing the brand image.

Response Systems: Verticalsols developers know the power of Smart Grid solutions. Now, embrace this power in the palm of your hand to get better control of your automobile. Get clear visibility for your fleet's overall energy usage. With effective improvement and management of energy consumption, experience the full potential of your fleet – low overhead costs and maximized profits are what our Smart vehicles solutions and services aim to deliver.

EMS (Energy Management Systems): Maximize the mileage for your electric vehicles with reduced costs for thermal runaways. Elevate the efficiency and performance of your smart cars with a balanced load on electrical infrastructure. Get in touch with Verticalsols to have your EMS – custom-built and efficient in working.

Connectivity Solutions: Now, get connected with the full power of systems to maximize interoperability for electric vehicles, network operators, charging bays, and automobile service providers. Infusing cutting-edge connectivity protocols like

  • OCPP
  • OCPI
  • OICP

Smart Charging Solutions: Get a customized scalable and modular charging infrastructure for your EVs for a better changing experience. We help you improve your operational efficiency with a flexible Electric Vehicle Charging software solution.

Telematics Integration: Harnessing the potential of EV telematics for smooth integration of your automobiles with telematics technology to manage each aspect of the vehicle's health and monitor its operations in real time. Get complete visibility for your fleet by increasing its

  • Uptime
  • Prevention from breakages
  • Reduced overhead costs

eScooter Software Development: Now, experience the convenience in mobility for eScooter users with strict adherence to safety protocols. Get complete, efficient control over your eScooter fleet with real-time insights – complete insights for each vehicle with Geofencing tech integrations. We ensure compliance with local regulations while bringing eScooter app development services on the go.

EV Battery Management Solutions: Monitor to keep track of the performance of your EV batters – minimize the risk for things like

  • Overcharging
  • Abnormal battery status
  • Over-discharging

Now optimize the range for your EV fleet with a clear estimation of the available battery life – custom EV battery solutions for streamlined solutions.

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Types of Automotive (EV) Web & App Services We Deliver

With service to 230+ automotive industry clients, especially EV companies, we have the necessary experience and skills for delivering automotive web & app solutions of varying complexity and scale. Whether it is an app to find a charging station, a parking bay, or even a complex-looking EMS – we aim to deliver success that yields success for the client.

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  • Smart Vehicle Charging Solutions & Apps
  • Smart Charging Solutions
  • Fleet Management Systems
  • Mileage Estimation Systems
  • Performance Tracking Solutions
  • Route Planning Systems
  • Ride Sharing Apps
  • e-Scooter Apps
  • Energy Management Solutions
  • Smart Grid Integrated Solutions

Salient Features We Infuse in Our Automotive Software

We are a leading automotive software development company – creating sophisticated software solutions. We equip each app and web service with the automotive industry's crucial needs features. From smart EV charging solutions to one-of-a-kind fleet management services – we prioritize only excellence in the delivery of our IT development services.
  • Location tracking for Charging Stations Made Simple
  • Book your Charging Stations with Style
  • Share your Residential Chargers
  • Performance Details for Chargers
  • GPS Navigation for Assisted Driving
  • Payment Gateway Integration for Ease of Consumers
  • Push Notifications to Notify Automobile Services
  • Geofencing notifications
  • QR Codes for Smart Payment and Parking Solutions
  • Route Planners for Smart Travelling
  • AI Chatbot Inclusion for Detailed Information on Your Vehicles
  • Telematics and EMS Integration for Efficient Performance Analytics
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Why Choose Verticalsols for Automotive (EV) Software Development

Verticalsols stands at the forefront of automotive software development services, with a track record embellished with exceptional EV development services across the globe. Need to know why our client has a return rate of 100% for their automotive mobile and web development services? Take a read.

Compliance and Regulations Conformity: As an IT service provider firm and a software development company, we know the ins and outs of the Automotive industry. We have knowledge of the industry regulations, protocols and standards. We adhere to strict data privacy protocols like ISO 27001, OCPI, OCPP, and GDPR – delivering fortified security measures.

Round the Clock Support: Our EV software development experts follow a rapid development lifecycle and DevOps best practices. We create solutions that maintain transparency for the entire project. Working on our IT staff augmentation model, we know how critical collaboration and client feedback are in the development process. We adopt agile principles for faster project delivery – reducing time-to-market.

Agile Development Workflow: We do understand the importance of uninterrupted operations for an automotive business. EV businesses are here to provide a point-on user experience. Developers at Verticalsols understand this critical need – offering cutting-edge solutions with a 24/7 commitment to support. We make sure that you receive timely assistance and the necessary expertise whenever your systems demand it.

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