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Agriculture Software Development Services

Verticalsols provides a wide range of agriculture software development services, including land management, farm management, livestock management, farm accounting, & smart agritech solution. Optimize farming operations, enhance productivity, and ensure sustainability with our profit-boosting agriculture software development.

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Agriculture Software Solutions and Services

Verticalsols feels proud to offer a full suite of custom agricultural software development and IT services. With our one-of-a-kind services, we foster a unique approach to creating top-tier digital agricultural products. Our Agritech solutions help you scale the farming operations while streamlining the pre-existing ones.

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Experience efficient, profitable, and scalable Agritech solutions from industry-experienced Agritech developers – meeting all your farming requirements.

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Why is choosing Verticalsols for Agritech Solutions The best choice?

IT software development and Service-providing companies like Verticalsols help integrate digitally automated solutions for your agriculture business. Need more reasons! Well, have a read of what we offer.

Custom-built Software: As one of the best Agritech solutions developers, Verticalsols makes use of the best agriculture technologies to develop your custom Agritech solutions. Our developers, with a keen understanding of the industry, analyze your diverse business needs and then incorporate their expertise to create your scalable IT products. With our skilled team, you can get dynamic solutions ranging from back-end systems to mobile & web apps.

End-to-End Software Services: Partner with Verticalsols – we help you automate your IT infrastructure to identify the gaps within communications that could slow down the production capabilities. With a custom software service or an improvement for the existing ones – we ensure smooth data transference and smart connectivity for your systems.

BigData Analytics: Work with BigData, handled by our expert data scientists, for the integration of predictive models to help with climate impacts or predict your crop yield. Have a new outlook for your day-to-day agriculture businesses to make smart future decisions.

Agritech Consultation: Verticalsols has premium Agritech consultation services to help you explore new-generation solutions driven by both tradition and innovation. With our in-domain in-depth expertise, we offer intuitive Agritech software development.


Verticalsols Agritech Software Development Workflow

When you partner with Verticalsols, you get an agile development process – the best-in-industry software development service with on-time delivery. Our development process is agile in nature, transparent in delivery, and scalable in functionality.

Our Portfolio

Farm Management Systems

Our engineers, having worked with multiple clients, understand the ins and outs of the Agriculture industry. We help create agricultural management solutions that are flexible in nature and scalable in grade. From a single platform, you can now manage your entire farming platform. These solutions entail services from automation in crop planning to making apps for

  • Labour management
  • Field inspections
  • Accounting
  • Inventory management

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Livestock Management Solutions

With livestock management solutions, farmers can manage their finances, keep records, and manage their inventory with ease. Web and app solutions to help cater

  • Cattle management
  • Livestock inventory checking
  • Livestock tracking
  • Animal husbandry techniques

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Compliance Software for Eco-Friendly Business

Our Agritech software is in compliance with safety and guidelines from regulatory bodies like the FDA, EPA, USDA, and FSMA, among the leading authorities. We adhere to the strict rules for food safety and health. In addition, we help develop apps for hazard planning with plus features like Tracking for safe monitoring.

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Farm Accounting Solutions

Get your professional Agritech software experts to create your accounting software. With this refined accounting software, you can keep track of your profit and loss by creating cost centres. These custom accounting software let you have complete control of the following:

  • Inventory management
  • Tracking for personal expenses
  • Fixed cost analysis
  • Overall financial status of the business

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Smart Agritech Solutions

Now, we are introducing AI infusion for Smart Agriculture to introduce automation for your manual agriculture works. Get you transparent results for each crop production stage with traceability for product origins. Our Agritech solutions include

  • GIS and Mapping solutions
  • IoT Integration for Irrigation Systems

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On-Demand Agriculture Solutions

Get your agriculture software for on-demand needs and precise control – helping you track your farming schedule with precise technology. We custom-build apps for

  • Soil sensors
  • Precise data handling
  • Get your custom agriculture software for augmenting interoperability and smart farming.

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Dispensary Solutions

Get professional-grade dispensary solutions for diverse needs, such as:

  • ROP Formulas
  • MRP
  • EOQ Assessment
  • Waste Management
  • Managing Dispensary Functions
  • Seed-to-sale Solutions

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Automated Drone Software

Farmers can now utilize drone technology alongside other automated solutions, such as field handling and tracking. With top web & app developers for Agritech, get smart farming software for making aerial field management a breeze. Get your automated drone software to manage field mapping and tracking.

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